Crochet project: End-of-schoolyear gifts

Everytime the end of the schoolyear approches, it’s a big brainspoiling moment thinking of what to make as gift for my girls’ teachers.

This time I came up with a decorated jar pot filled with ‘Thank you’ chocolates.

wp-image-477166035jpg.jpg  wp-image-1667667914jpg.jpg


Blog update

I have to admit that I’ve been off my blog for too long. So I guess it might be a good idea to come up with a new post. I still haven’t found the perfect balance/match between working life, family life and personal life. Like most mom’s, I put my family on the first place and most of the time I ignore the fact that I should make some time for myself to do things I love to do. But that doesn’t make me less happy because I have two adorable daughters who give me back so much joy and love ❤

Anyway, I started with a new theme for my blog, reorganizing some posts and making it a nice opportunity to show some of my latest creations.

This little bunny I made from Stephanie Jessica Lau’s pattern ‘Spring Bunny’.

IMG_20151002_164632[1]  IMG_20151002_164710[1]  IMG_20151002_164750[1]

Another two little squids for the Små bläckfiskar project.


My own little creature as I showed before.


Coasters made from this Russian pattern.

IMG_20151002_163901[1]  IMG_20151002_163932[1]


IMG_20151002_172141[1]  IMG_20151002_172240[1] IMG_20151002_172327[1]  IMG_20151002_172359[1]

A baby flower rattle toy.

IMG_20151002_172845[1]  IMG_20151002_172853_BURST1[1]

A baby seal (or sea dog or whatever it is called?).

IMG_20151002_172956[1]  IMG_20151002_173006[1]

And finally: a few hairclips.


Actually, my friend suggested me to join a little creative market for handmade stuff. I thought it would be a great idea to do. Now it looks like it’s giving me more stress than enjoying it. But there’s no way back anymore so I will make it the best right? And I hope a lot of people will come around! All welcome 🙂