Crochet project: Leila the Pony (2)

My work-in-progress: this lovely pony girl! You can find the pattern at lilleliis’ Etsy shop.

I finished all my stuffed parts like a month ago, just missing a few more details. Then doing the sewing part which I dislike the most because I’m very bad at attaching everything together!


And I wonder why my pony looks like a donkey?

leila-pony-02  leila-pony-03

So, finally I made some time on a Sunday evening to finish what I started so long ago.

leila-pony-04  leila-pony-05  leila-pony-06  leila-pony-07  leila-pony-08  leila-pony-09

And this is my result… tada….

leila-pony-10  leila-pony-11  leila-pony-12


Libelle Winterfair 2014 @ Nekkerhal Mechelen

I went to the Libelle Winterfair event this weekend with my sister. And I have to say it was a very nice and enjoying event. Mostly I just take a look at the scrapbooking and crocheting stands on such events. But this time I really took my time to go around.

Here are some pictures. Check out more on my pinterest: Libelle Winterfair 2014.

libelle-winterfair-2014-01  libelle-winterfair-2014-02  libelle-winterfair-2014-03  libelle-winterfair-2014-04  libelle-winterfair-2014-05  libelle-winterfair-2014-06  libelle-winterfair-2014-07  libelle-winterfair-2014-08  libelle-winterfair-2014-09  libelle-winterfair-2014-10  libelle-winterfair-2014-11  libelle-winterfair-2014-12  libelle-winterfair-2014-13  libelle-winterfair-2014-14  libelle-winterfair-2014-15

Crochet project: Leila the Pony (1)

Hello again!

It’s been a long time that I’ve posted anything on my blog. So I thought I might update it a bit. I have been so busy with the kids, school and work lately that I didn’t have the time to do some crocheting. Last Sunday I went to an event for webshops from Belgium and the Netherlands. Not very interesting but just good enough for some new inspiration. And so I pushed myself to make some time again for my lovely hobby of crocheting! This cute amigurumi will be my next project-to-make: Leila the Pony from Zoomigurumi by Joke Vermeiren:


Top Tech Tips – shaping Amigurumi

I think this might be useful one day.

Cara Medus

This post is otherwise known as ‘getting a bit further beyond trial and error’! Whenever I sit down to start shaping part of an amigurumi figure, there is always a certain amount of undoing and re-doing that goes on. I have in mind the shape I am trying to achieve, but there is often more luck than judgement involved as to whether it will turn out as I expected on the first attempt, and sometimes even the second, or third….

The basic technical points are these, as will be familiar to anyone who has done a little amigurumi-type crochet. If you start working in the round with double crochet (US single crochet), and increase by 6 stitches evenly every round, then you will end up with a flat circle. If you start with 6 stitches and work evenly on those 6 stitches without any increasing or decreasing, you will have a…

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