Crochet project: Little gifts for great teachers

Yes, time flies! Another schoolyear passed and every beginning of June is a headbreaking moment to me, thinking of what I can make as a thank-you-gift for my kids’ teachers.

This year I got inspired by the flower in a pot pattern of Zan Crochet. The flowers I made turned out a bit different than the original pattern as I prefer crocheting in one piece more than doing the sewing part after.

I have to admit that using thicker yarn made it all much easier and it also turned out better and firmer.

My big girl wrote her card by herself.

A very special thanks to the lovely teachers for their hard work, teaching, educating and above all: their caring. Thank you so much!

Have fun and enjoy summer vacation!


Crochet project: End-of-schoolyear gifts

Everytime the end of the schoolyear approches, it’s a big brainspoiling moment thinking of what to make as gift for my girls’ teachers.

This time I came up with a decorated jar pot filled with ‘Thank you’ chocolates.

wp-image-477166035jpg.jpg  wp-image-1667667914jpg.jpg

Crochet idea: Poncho met col

Nu het stilletjes aan kouder begint te worden, lijkt me een poncho toch iets heel handig om je op die koude dagen lekker warm en knus te houden. Op internet vind je dan o-zo-leuke voorbeeldjes. Hier alvast enkele ideetjes van poncho’s met een col, voor een extra vleugje warmte.

Deze poncho in leuke winterkleuren kan je vinden op Handwerkjuffie’s blog. Ook de col is gehaakt, gewoon rijen stokjes telkens in de achterste lus. Het resultaat is een mooi reliëfpatroon. De lengte en grootte kan je makkelijk aanpassen naar eigen wens.

lenteponcho collage

Deze ‘Spring poncho’ op vond ik een leuk ideetje voor kleine meisjes. Vooral dat randje met die bolletjes accentueert het geheel nog eens.

Blog update

I have to admit that I’ve been off my blog for too long. So I guess it might be a good idea to come up with a new post. I still haven’t found the perfect balance/match between working life, family life and personal life. Like most mom’s, I put my family on the first place and most of the time I ignore the fact that I should make some time for myself to do things I love to do. But that doesn’t make me less happy because I have two adorable daughters who give me back so much joy and love ❤

Anyway, I started with a new theme for my blog, reorganizing some posts and making it a nice opportunity to show some of my latest creations.

This little bunny I made from Stephanie Jessica Lau’s pattern ‘Spring Bunny’.

IMG_20151002_164632[1]  IMG_20151002_164710[1]  IMG_20151002_164750[1]

Another two little squids for the Små bläckfiskar project.


My own little creature as I showed before.


Coasters made from this Russian pattern.

IMG_20151002_163901[1]  IMG_20151002_163932[1]


IMG_20151002_172141[1]  IMG_20151002_172240[1] IMG_20151002_172327[1]  IMG_20151002_172359[1]

A baby flower rattle toy.

IMG_20151002_172845[1]  IMG_20151002_172853_BURST1[1]

A baby seal (or sea dog or whatever it is called?).

IMG_20151002_172956[1]  IMG_20151002_173006[1]

And finally: a few hairclips.


Actually, my friend suggested me to join a little creative market for handmade stuff. I thought it would be a great idea to do. Now it looks like it’s giving me more stress than enjoying it. But there’s no way back anymore so I will make it the best right? And I hope a lot of people will come around! All welcome 🙂


Crochet project: Cuddles the Lamb

Hey again! I haven’t been posting anymore since a little while. But now I’m back with this cute little lamb – from Zoomigurumi 3 – by Little Muggles. Mine looks a bit different than presented in the book, since I used other yarn. I thought it would have the same effect but unfortunately. Anyway, he still looks lovely, isn’t it?IMG_20151002_163745[1]

Crochet project: Leila the Pony (2)

My work-in-progress: this lovely pony girl! You can find the pattern at lilleliis’ Etsy shop.

I finished all my stuffed parts like a month ago, just missing a few more details. Then doing the sewing part which I dislike the most because I’m very bad at attaching everything together!


And I wonder why my pony looks like a donkey?

leila-pony-02  leila-pony-03

So, finally I made some time on a Sunday evening to finish what I started so long ago.

leila-pony-04  leila-pony-05  leila-pony-06  leila-pony-07  leila-pony-08  leila-pony-09

And this is my result… tada….

leila-pony-10  leila-pony-11  leila-pony-12