Libelle Winterfair 2014 @ Nekkerhal Mechelen

I went to the Libelle Winterfair event this weekend with my sister. And I have to say it was a very nice and enjoying event. Mostly I just take a look at the scrapbooking and crocheting stands on such events. But this time I really took my time to go around.

Here are some pictures. Check out more on my pinterest: Libelle Winterfair 2014.

libelle-winterfair-2014-01  libelle-winterfair-2014-02  libelle-winterfair-2014-03  libelle-winterfair-2014-04  libelle-winterfair-2014-05  libelle-winterfair-2014-06  libelle-winterfair-2014-07  libelle-winterfair-2014-08  libelle-winterfair-2014-09  libelle-winterfair-2014-10  libelle-winterfair-2014-11  libelle-winterfair-2014-12  libelle-winterfair-2014-13  libelle-winterfair-2014-14  libelle-winterfair-2014-15


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