Happy birthday to myself

I’m getting older, just like everyone does. But that doesn’t make it less fun. Especially when you get an unexpected surprise. I got this wonderful birthday card from my creative colleague.



Crochet for charity: Little squid for premature babies

I’ve been thinking about crocheting for charity a little while ago but I couldn’t find an interesting organization for which I would really do it. And then I saw a little advertising in the Veritas shop: crocheting little octopus for premature babies. I guess this might be an excellent chance to do some charity and having fun crocheting at the same time! And knowing that one of the ambassadors is active at the local hospital in town makes it even easier.

This project named Små bläckfiskar started all in Denmark. A Danish woman made a squid for her premature baby and put it in the incubator close to the baby. It made the baby calm down and feel more eased. That’s how this wonderful project came over to Sweden, the Netherlands and even Belgium.

There is a webpage in Dutch with information about the project, patterns, strict requierments, ambassador’s list,.. at http://kleine-inktvisjes.eu/.

Crochet project: Tulip in a pot

I was in a mood of crocheting and I was thinking of making a little thank-you-gift for my daughter’s teacher. So I started making this tulip in a pot and got it finished after 3 days..


After watching my creation for a few days, I had to notice that the stuffing in the pot wasn’t enough to keep it standing! I added some more fiberfill and put it in a pot holder to make it look better. My little girl added a final touch of her creativity and now it’s ready to give away!

 tulip-3 tulip-2

Crochet project: Little owl cuddle blanket

It always takes a long time to start making something and it even takes longer to finish a project. So here is my little owl cuddle blanket for my sister’s daughter. I made the owl like months ago, just the granny square had to be finished. But finally, here is my end result 🙂 It’s definitely not difficult. I got the owl pattern printed from the internet but can’t find the pdf-version anymore. I’ll add it when found.

Update: Pattern has been added – Cutest Little Owl